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The Automotive News mission is to be the primary source of industry news, data and understanding for the industry’s decision-makers.
Automotive News serves top auto industry executives — including vehicle manufacturers, their original equipment suppliers and franchised dealers — plus others allied with the industry.

Automotive News fairly, accurately, objectively and authoritatively provides its readers with the information they need, in a timely manner. This strong, ethical tradition of excellence in journalism dates to 1925 when the newspaper was founded, and is the underlying principle for Automotive News as it finds new ways to provide information and value to meet the changing needs of its readers.

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auto-car-news.com provides the most comprehensive automotive news updates. Throughout the day, you will find news generated using the combined resources of Automotive News, Automotive News Europe, Automotive News China, Autoweek, Bloomberg and Reuters Business News.

auto-car-news.com offers all your automotive information needs at one Web address. If you have questions about our news coverage, please contact at autocarnews2023@gmail.com. If you have suggestions regarding the site, please contact us at autocarnews2023@gmail.com. For more information about how to reach us — or how to advertise on auto-car-news.com — go to Contact Us.

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It’s our mission to help our audience make the best decisions, which is important to our advertising relationships as well. Our audience comes to us for a specific purpose, so we leverage content and proprietary first-party data to capture user engagement, which translates to advertiser success

auto-car-news.com is the leading portal for news, analysis, and information about the world auto industry.

auto-car-news.com reports on the auto industry, the auto market, auto shows, car sales, new cars, new car programs, long-term strategies, new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles, government programs and policies, car culture, automotive history, rare cars potted on the street, and supercars.

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